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We are one of the most prominent accountancy firms in London, with offices all over London. As a result, one of our offices is based in Harrow, and is located around the Park Royal area. Pearl Accountants has over 30 years of experience as Harrow accountants, serving our clients and helping them to succeed in their personal and professional lives. We function as business advisory accountants, providing businesses with advice on how to expand their reach whilst simultaneously keeping their costs and taxes to a minimum.


Suite 618
Crown House,
North Circular Road,
Park Royal,
NW10 7PN

Our Harrow office is on the North Circular Road, and its nearest train stations are Stonebridge Park Station, Hangar Lane Underground Station, and Alperton Underground Station. Pearl Chartered Accountants service clients in Harrow and surrounding areas. We can help your business.

Suite 618
Crown House,
North Circular Road,
Park Royal,
NW10 7PN

Tel. 020 8582 0076

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Our unique collection of skills, experience, and expertise makes us one of the best Harrow accountants around, with our accountants in Park Royal continually striving to meet and exceed the demands of our loyal customers. Here at Pearl, we believe in top-notch customer service, making sure that every last one of our customers is satisfied and happy with our accountancy services.

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Despite our long history, we believe in innovation and using cutting-edge technology where possible. As a result, we are proud to offer Quickbooks integration for all of our clients, allowing us to equip you with powerful and intuitive software which allows us to monitor your books at any time.



Accountants in Harrow who speak your language

We have a team of accountants who speak a wide range of languages, in addition to English, which means that our foreign-born clients who may struggle with English can often conduct accountancy services in their mother tongue. Whatever language you converse with Pearl Accountants in, we use our bookkeeping skills and experience to ensure that you have a pleasant accountancy experience.

Harrow accountants with 30+ years’ experience

Our accountants in Harrow can offer you unmatched accountancy expertise, skills, and education, enabling us to provide stellar bookkeeping services and earn our reputation as one of the best accountants in Park Royal and the Harrow area in general. Pearl Accountants uses word-of-mouth referrals to grow and advertise our services because we are so confident in our customer service that we know our clients will recommend us happily!

Industry-leading accountants in Park Royal

Our value-added services strive to develop your business and give it the freedom to grow its influence even further. As business advisory accountants in Harrow, we can provide you with HR services, legal services, tax investigation cover, Quickbooks integration, and part-time financial directing.

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