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Here at Pearl Accountants, our multi-lingual accounting staff reflect our home of London, which is known for its rich diversity and multicultural status. Many of our clients subsequently hail from places such as India and Pakistan, meaning that they would prefer to conduct their accountancy services in Punjabi. Luckily, our dedicated team of professional business advisory accountants includes native Punjabi speakers, allowing our team to communicate with our Punjabi-speaking clients fluently.

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It’s common for our native English-speaking clients to be confused by accounting processes and jargon, so it’s even worse for our clients who speak Punjabi as their first language! It can be incredibly daunting and stressful to comb through your books at the end of the tax year, and this fear is amplified if you don’t fully understand your accountant and everything they’re saying to you.

Our dedicated team of accountants understand this fully, ensuring that your Punjabi accounting experience is as easy and as stress-free as possible, explaining the process in Punjabi every step of the way. As an accountants for small businesses and startups in London, we often encounter business owners who speak Punjabi as their first language. As a result, we ensure that we provide our business accounting services in Punjabi as well as English, giving our clients a range of language choices.

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Breaking down language barriers

We think that breaking down language barriers is one of the best ways to level the playing field and ensure that all of our customers receive the best accountancy services possible, regardless of their background or mother tongue. This is why our multi-language team uses their innate language skills to your advantage, allowing Punjabi speakers to explain themselves fully and confidently when going to an accountants in London.

Dedicated Team

Pearl Accountants’ dedicated team is known for being friendly and welcoming, looking to constantly build long-term positive relationships with our clients. Our stellar customer service has seen us earn a reputation as one of the best Punjabi-speaking accountants in London, allowing Punjabi-owned businesses of all shapes and sizes to keep themselves in good standing with HMRC and the UK government.


We don’t think that your language skills should limit your ability to receive great and professional accounting services in London, which is why we ensure that our Punjabi-speaking clients are catered to. Although some other accountancy firms may force you to converse in English, we believe that delicate matters such as taxes should be handled as accurately and as thoroughly as possible, which may mean speaking in one’s native Punjabi.

Whether you are fluent in English, Punjabi, or both, Pearl Accountants gives you a choice and allows you to choose a language you’re comfortable with. Communication skills are undoubtedly important when it comes to your accounts, as your accountant has to have a thorough understanding of how your business works, looking into things such as your turnover, profit, and expenses. If you feel that you would rather conduct this intricate process in Punjabi, then we’re here to help!

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