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It really is that simple. If you enjoy our accountancy service and would recommend us to a friend or colleague, why not formally refer them to us? Many potential customers like to receive a referral by an accountant, as they want to use an accounting service which their friends and family rely upon too. We reward for you referring us to your friends and contacts, with a referral by an accountant being a great tool for all of us to spread the word!


Long story short – if you refer a friend or colleague to Pearl Accountants and they work with us, we’ll send you £75 as a reward. This allows us to grow our business organically and build extensive networks and relationships with our customers for the future. It also puts extra cash in your pocket, which could be helpful around tax time!

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Refer us today using the form below, if you prefer you may also email us at, or call us on

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Referal Idea Light Bulb

Rather than wasting our budget on advertising, we believe that it is a great idea to grow our London-based accountancy business organically by using our referral system and encouraging word-of-mouth advertising for our firm. We have found that this is great way to create a network of satisfied customers who appreciate our services and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.



Paying our happy customers to promote us also saves us money on extortionate advertising campaigns, allowing us to keep our pricing structures affordable for all of our customers and offer additional complementary resources for UK-based startups.




Pearls winning referal program

Getting a referral by an accountant is a great way to discover accountancy firms which can benefit you, whether you’re a small business, a startup, or a sole trader. Here at Pearl Accountants, we believe wholeheartedly in our referrals system, and continue to create many positive customer relationships in this manner.



Why get a referral by an accountant?

Pearl Accountants have experience in many different aspects of accountancy, and we wish to spread the word and grow our business organically. If you know someone such as a small business owner or sole trader who may need the help of an accountants in London, referring them to us allows us to grow our business and reward you with cash.

As an accountants for small businesses, startups, sole traders and more, we offer a range of services which may be of value to your contacts, including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Business and tax advice
  • Company accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Company formations
  • Payroll administration
  • Personal tax
  • Registered address and email forwarding
  • VAT



How exactly does it work?

In a nutshell, you do our advertising for us and we pay you for it! If you’re happy with our services and feel that Pearl Accountants could benefit a friend, family member, or colleague of yours, refer them to us and we’ll pay you if they decide to work with us!

We pay £75 (or even more) for each limited company you successfully refer to us, and £50 for each personal tax returns client you successfully refer to us. It’s that simple.



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