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Pearl is proud to be one of the most innovative and experienced accountants in London, using state-of-the-art technology and traditional accounting prowess in order to provide a business growth accounting service which is unrivalled by our competitors. Pearl provides business advisory accounting services to a wide range of customers, ensuring stellar customer service and satisfaction at all times.

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Unlike other accountants for contractors in Harrow, we won’t just try you like “another client”

We offer you a bespoke service which is tailored to you and your small business’s needs

Harrow Accountants for Contractors

We employ a number of specialist accountants for contractors in Harrow, all of whom can provide the following services for contractors:

  • Maximizing take-home pay
  • Setting up new companies
  • Filing tax returns and accounts with HMRC
  • Advising clients on business models
  • Quickbooks software integration
  • Accounts management
  • Basic IR35 compliance
  • Statutory year end accounts management
  • Self-assessment tax return submission

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your finances; our Harrow accountants for contractors tailor their approach to your personal circumstances, thereby guaranteeing a favourable outcome for all parties.

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What is the best contractor business model

As far as HMRC is concerned, contractors come in many different variations, all of which are treated differently. These variations are essentially “business models” which take your business’s income streams into account and give HMRC some guidelines on how much tax they should charge your business. Depending on the way in which your business generates revenue and requires expenses, it may make sense to choose one particular business model over another.

For example, a simple business with few overheads and running costs may benefit from a “sole trader” business model, whereas a contractor whose business is more complex and multifaceted may benefit from a “limited company” business model. Our Harrow accountants for contractors can advise you on all of these business models in further detail, although we have provided you with some basic summaries of these business models below.

Limited Company

Limited companies have “limited” tax liability, as the name suggests. If you run a limited company, the company is “separate” from you, meaning you won’t be personally liable if the company goes under. A limited company is able to claim business expenses as a form of tax relief, though it must pay things such as Corporation Tax, and may also have to pay VAT if its earnings exceed a certain amount.

Sole Trader

We recommend this model to people who have simple businesses with very few expenses or running costs, such as mobile babysitters and digital freelancers. Our Harrow accountants for contractors can advise you on the sole trader business model and whether it may benefit you.


A partnership is basically a sole trader business model, except that there are two traders involved – forming a partnership. Partnerships treat you and your business partner as the business itself, meaning that your personal and business-related tax liabilities are intertwined

Umbrella Company

Contractors can choose to be the employees of umbrella companies, though they should realize that this can leave them worse off after taxes. This model sees contractors being treated as regular employees, meaning that they aren’t entitled to many tax breaks and expenses deductions which self-employed people enjoy.

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