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With over 30 years of illustrious accountancy experience, Pearl Chartered Accountants is regarded as one of the best accountants for startups in London, using our shared expertise and accountancy experience to deliver services which rival our competitors while remaining affordable in price. We integrate our 30 years of traditional accountancy experience with modern tools, such as Quickbooks, allowing you to harness the best of traditional accounting knowledge and modern accounting technology. This dedication to innovation is what makes our London accountants for startups and businesses such a powerful and low-priced accounting firm.

If you need advice or execution in the following areas, feel free to get in touch with Pearl Accountants, one of the most valuable accountants for startups in London:

  • Bookkeeping best practices
  • Tax liability advice
  • Corporation tax and company accounts
  • Company Formations
  • Payroll duties
  • Self-assessment personal tax returns
  • Registered Address and Mail Forwarding
  • VAT concerns

London accountants for startups

If you’re running a startup business, taxes and bookkeeping are the last things on your mind. We understand that at Pearl Accountants, which is why our startup accounting services are designed to be fast, convenient, and easy to understand. We don’t use specialist terminology and jargon; we just explain your startup’s tax and bookkeeping situation in plain English, imparting you with comprehensive knowledge regarding your new company’s accounts.

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Startups accountants in Covent Garden

Pearl Accountants Assistance

Working from our Covent Garden office, we have a central location whereby we can meet with you and conduct any official business or consultation in order to get your startup off the ground. We can set up your startup’s accounts, as well as preparing its tax returns and other financial data. Our one-stop-shop accounting services make us one of the best startups accountants in Covent Garden and beyond.

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What startup accountancy services do we offer?

Below you can find a range of services that our startups accountants in Covent Garden offer to our clients.

Company Formations

Do you want your startup to take the form of a limited company or a sole trader? We advise you on the best way to set up your startup in order to minimize taxes, filing all the appropriate paperwork for you too.


All businesses must pay VAT if they earn more than a certain amount of money. VAT rates and thresholds vary according to various circumstances, so you need to be aware of what your startup will owe if it grows in size. We can advise you on VAT and submit all the necessary documentation and returns.

Personal Tax Returns

Though we are a London accountants for startups – those running a startup will usually have to pay normal self-employed personal taxes too. If so, we can help you with this and provide personalised advice and consultations.


You will need to handle payroll administration if your startup takes on more employees, meaning you’ll have to manage PAYE, statutory sick pay, and national insurance responsibilities for your employees. As an accountants for startups in London, we can handle all of these responsibilities for you, easing the clerical burden as your startup grows.

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