Our services for Staines landlords

Chartered Accountants in Staines

Pearl Accountants is a London-based chartered accountancy firm with over 30 years of accountancy experience. We work with a vast range of clients in Staines, including landlords, small businesses, sole traders, limited companies, startups, and many more. We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service and bespoke solutions, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for all of our clients.

Staines accountants for landlords

If you’re looking to profit from your rental properties whilst still meeting your obligations as a UK taxpayer, our Staines accountants for landlords can certainly help. We are able to:

  • Advise you on special tax relief available to landlords
  • Advise you on how to purchase properties with tax-efficiency in mind
  • Advise you on the bookkeeping best practices
  • Advise you on rental income investments
  • Advise you on capital gains taxes
  • Advise you on property taxes which apply to you
  • And more…

Our Staines accountants for landlords can:

Assist with tax, dividend, and salary planning.

File your annual accounts and corporation tax returns.

Take care of VAT and PAYE duties.

Provide consultations which are tailored to your needs.

And much more…

Xero accountants

Quickbooks for landlords

Our professional partnership with Quickbooks allows our accountants for landlords in Staines to provide you with seamless digital accountancy services. The Quickbooks platform enables you to record your financial information on-the-go via your smartphone, laptop, or another device, greatly simplifying the bookkeeping process. Similarly, it also allows our accounts to help you more easily, as we have 24/7 access to your financial records, which are updated in real time. We use Quickbooks with all of our clients because it empowers us to provide a service which is faster and more thorough than our competitors.

Specialised accountants for rental property income

Buying a property to let it out should always be thought of as a form of business investment, whether you consider yourself a business person or not. Landlords are essentially small business owners, and they need to think of their bookkeeping and taxes as such. Luckily, our Staines accountants for landlords can talk you through the bookkeeping and tax process for landlords, answering any questions you may have about your tax liability and the profits you make due to rental property income.

Accountants for commercial property rentals in Staines

Commercial property landlords have to adhere to strict tax regulations which HMRC puts in place for those who profit from commercial rental income. It doesn’t matter whether your commercial property is being let out to your own limited company or a company which is separate to you – you still need to ensure that you adhere to the UK government’s laws for commercial property landlords. Though this can seem confusing, our accountants for landlords in Staines are able to streamline and simplify this process, advising you on your tax liability and providing you with tax efficiency services for landlords which aim to minimize your tax bill.

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