Accountants for Freelancers

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Accountants for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you’ve found something you love doing and are really good at, and are offering it as a service to businesses.

What you’re probably not really good at is accounting.

Pearl offers a modern service for freelancers, so you can focus on the things you love doing.

The benefits of freelancing

People usually turn to freelancing because of all the benefits self-employment has over full-time employment:

  • You get to do something you love doing, and something which you are really good at.
  • You get the freedom that comes with being your own boss.
  • You get to work with the businesses and individuals you want to work with, and when you want to work.
  • You get more take-home pay.

Freelancing comes at a cost – accounting

There are a few downsides to self-employment.

The biggest one being accounting.

When you work full-time for an employer, you don’t have to worry about paying tax, because it is automatically sorted out for you in the form of PAYE.

Accounting – doing it yourself

As a freelancer, you have to keep extensive financial records, which then form the basis of your Self-Assessment Tax Return, which you have to send after the end of each tax year (5th April).

Accountancy for freelancers can all be very confusing and time-consuming, distracting you from the work you love doing.

Let Pearl Accountants do the hard work for you

That’s why we work with freelancers.

With our many years of experience, we’ve worked with individuals and businesses in all kinds of industries.

We’re experts in taking the hard work of accountancy out of freelancers’ hands so they can spend more time doing what they love doing.

Getting tax and accountancy advice

Many accountants will forget about you for most of the year, only getting in touch again when it’s time for you to pay them to do your tax returns.

But for your business to be run smoothly and successfully, you’ll need advice on tax and accountancy throughout the year, especially in the early days.

Pearl Accountants is different

Pearl Accountants provides an affordable and specialist accountancy service designed just for freelancers.

Throughout the year we’ll be on hand to give you any tax and accountancy advice you might need, including things like:

  • Take-home pay
  • Which VAT scheme to register for
  • Expenses
  • Tax allowances
  • Choosing between sole trader and limited company
  • Running your business in a tax-efficient way

You’ll never receive an unexpected bill from Pearl Accountants, because we charge in a way that’s simple to understand, and allows for you to call us for business and tax advice whenever you want without being charged a fortune.

Get in touch for more information and advice

For more information and a free consultation call us now on 020 8582 0076

Accountancy for freelancers in all industries

With our many years’ experience, we provide accountancy services tailored to businesses in all industries.

We’ve also learnt a thing or two about starting up freelance businesses. Click below to read guides on industries and freelance jobs you’re interested in:

Business and Marketing

Not all businesses require full-time employees, so they turn to freelancers for things like PR and Project Management.


The creative industry is tough to break into, but our guides will make it easier.

IT and Multimedia

With technology becoming increasingly part of our lives, working in the IT and Multimedia sector could be a lucrative career.

Medical and Health

People care a lot about their looks and their health, so they turn to people such as dieticians and hair stylists.


People will always need to hire tradesmen, including cleaners and carpenters, meaning you’ll always be able to find work.

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After being in business for years, I must admit that Pearl Accountants are far the best accountants I have worked with. They are helpful, friendly and trust worthy and most of all provide excellent tax advice.

They provide high level client care. I would certainly recommend Pearl Accountants to all.

Bobby Liddar, Director at Ashbo Limited



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