By Ashley Preen

July 9, 2015

How to earn more money as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you’re trying to use your experience and skills to provide a service to others in exchange for money.But freelancing can be a lonely game.It can be easy to forget how valuable you and your services are, making you too scared to try and raise your prices.Here are a few tips to help you charge more for your freelance services.Show your valueOne of the easiest ways of being able to charge more money as a freelancer is to make sure your customers or clients know exactly the value you bring to the table. Often this doesn’t happen because a freelancer isn’t quite aware of their own value, or isn’t sure how the client perceives their value.Don’t focus on priceAt first this might seem counter-productive – how are you going to increase your prices if you don’t talk about them? The idea is to focus on the value of your service. If a client doesn’t understand how valuable your service is, any price you quote them will seem high.Once a client knows how much you can do for them, you can charge a higher price and it will still seem reasonable.What’s their problem?Any client who comes to you does so because they have a problem that cannot be solved by themselves or by their own business.Ask them questions to find out exactly what their problems are. The bigger their problems, the higher they’ll be willing to pay for you to solve them, if you can show you have enough value.What are you really worth?In simple terms, the higher your value, the more money you can charge for your services.But you must understand what your true value really is. However, many people fail to appreciate their own skills. Understanding your own value is usually a conscious process, because it’s easy to forget how valuable things such as training, experience, qualifications and professional development actually are.Often, when you’re good at your job, it might seem easy to do, and so less valuable. You forget that the job’s easy because you’re so good at it, and that other people who don’t have the same skills as you would find the same job very difficult.Think about your accomplishmentsRemember the first big project you completed? Remember the time a client sent you a really nice testimonial for the great service you provided?In the daily grind, it’s easy to forget all of these accomplishments which made you feel so great and on top of the world. As time passes, it’s easy for these accomplishments to become distant memories and seem not so significant.You should take some time every so often to look back at these accomplishments. It’ll help remind you that you’re valuable, and that the clients you’ve worked for see value in you too.