By Ashley Preen

January 9, 2020

Why MoneyPenny is your new business partner!

The 21st century is full of mind-blowing technological advancements. Whether it is asking Alexa to play your favourite song or letting Siri guide you to your destination; artificial intelligence has taken over the world. So, in a world where communication has reached another level of expertise, why should small companies stick to the conventional ways of contact forms for customers to get in touch with them? Hence, in recent years, the virtual assistance industry has become quite popular. 

Customers want quick and accurate answers to their queries, or they will go on to pick another service provider. With increasing globalisation, customers have numerous choices to choose from, which entails increased competition on small scale companies to thrive well. Therefore, these small businesses must outsource their telephone answering service. Serving in the UK, MoneyPenny is a well-trusted answering service company that caters to all your incoming calls and provide to your customers. 

Seven benefits of outsourcing your business phone answering service:

1. Don’t miss a single call:

Sales calls are the driving fuel of your company. Which means that missing even one call can lose you a potential client. Hence, it is not worth it if you are spending money on marketing but unable to connect to prospect customers. With the MoneyPenny virtual receptionist, all your calls directly divert to them. That means you can be sure that no customer will go without answers. Every call counts!

2. Works beyond the office work: 

Business call answering service is available 24/7, even after office hours. As a result, you can still manage to respond to all your customers at any time. A real receptionist takes a salary but is only available during the designated office hours. Furthermore, it gives you the advantage to connect to overseas clients in different time zones. Which means that you’ll have a worldwide reach! Therefore, with a remote phone answering service, you don’t have to worry about the time or place. 

3. Develops trust of your potential customers:

Customer service has become more significant than the product itself. High-Class customer service helps to build the trust of your customers, which can create lifelong clients. A live round the clock answering service is a great way to impress your prospective clients. Moreover, it is much better than the static robot answering machine, which keeps the client waiting before it can connect the call to the real speaker. Nowadays, people don’t have time to wait, which may prompt them to choose another provider. Therefore, an expert standard of customer service provided by corporate phone answering services can help to cater to the concerns of your customers better than your receptionist. 

4. Saves you from the extra burden:

A small business has limited resources and finance, but many responsibilities. They have to compete in the market and face many obstacles. Amidst all these duties, it is almost impossible to provide near-perfect customer service to all your clients. That is when MoneyPenny comes into to play. They make sure to answer all incoming calls and place customer satisfaction as a priority. Therefore, it enables small companies to invest their time in growing other areas of their business

Adds a unique touch

5. Adds a unique touch:

Telephone answering service helps to add a personalised touch to your company. MoneyPenny answering services allow you to choose the way you want them to communicate with the customers. So you can provide them with the necessary details, product description, FAQs and much more. It ensures that when your customers receive accurate information, friendly, and cooperative service. 

6. Are you recruiting and training? Not your job anymore!

The best perk of an answering service is that you don’t have to recruit credible receptionists. And the story doesn’t end there. You also have to train them according to the values of your company and brief them about providing perfect customer service. However, it is not the case when you outsource these services and let them deal with customer services. MoneyPenny has dedicated and professional receptionists to provide live chat and telephone answering services as its own. 

7. Secured Records:

A business answering service does not keep you aloof of your customer messages. It ensures your messages and calls are stored so that you have a comprehensive record of all the conversations. It also provides the company to get an insight into the wishes and demands of their potential clients. This way, they can also alter their services according to their liking and consequently boost sales. Furthermore, it also helps to keep all the team members updated and prevents any communication misunderstandings. 

How does a business answering services work?

How does a business answering services work

A remote answering service like MoneyPenny first assigns you a suitable PA who is perfect for your company. It enables you to discuss company values and expectations. Moreover, it briefs the PA about how they should be answering customers. The company gets the right to choose which calls require a response, and this can be changed anytime. MoneyPenny answers all live chats with the reference of your company, and you can now stay updated with the MoneyPenny App. 

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