By Ashley Preen

December 7, 2016

Opportunities for Freelancers

There are many reasons why somebody might want to start a business as a freelancer, from being your own boss and having more freedom in your life to working for who you want, when you want. Whatever your reason for working as a freelancer, there are plenty of opportunities for work out there.

When businesses hire a freelancer, they hire an expert

Freelancers are experts at what they do, and not every business will have all the expertise they need, so they hire freelancers instead because it’s cheaper than hiring a full time employee.

Freelancers are knowledgeable in their area of expertise

Freelancers should have a lot of knowledge in their area of expertise, and this knowledge should be continually growing as they keep up with the latest industry news and attend industry events. Much of this knowledge would be useful to a business that hires a freelancer.

A freelancer usually works faster than a full time employee

When a freelancer charges per project rather than per hour, it’s in their interest to complete the job as quickly as possible. And this doesn’t mean that they’ll rush the job and give you poor quality work; freelancers are experts at what they do so they can work quickly while retaining a high level of quality.

Freelancers are cheaper than full time employees

One of the biggest reasons freelancers have so many opportunities is that they are cheaper than full time employees. While freelancers do cost more than full time employees over a period of time, businesses still save money because they do not have to pay the freelancer a salary or benefits, nor put so much resource into the hiring process.

Freelancers give businesses the opportunity to be more flexible

Businesses can often have either too many employees or not enough, but full time employees can make it an HR nightmare to make sure there is always the perfect number. Freelancers make it a lot easier for businesses to be flexible because it is so easy to hire them only when needed.

How freelancers can have more time to find opportunities

Hopefully by now we’ve shown you how many opportunities there are for freelancers. To find even more opportunities as a freelancer you’ll need more time, and one way to find more time is to get an accountant, such as Pearl, that specialises in helping freelancers take away some of the accounting burden, making your life easier and giving you more time to actually run your business.