Business Rates Review

Are you being overcharged business rates?

Overpaying business rates has become a convention, and thousands of pounds are lost every year by businesses that have been overcharged. Here at Pearl, we understand how much this could affect your business, therefore we offer an comprehensive service of reclaiming business rates. We have reclaimed thousands for our previous clients. In a 2019 census, it was reported that shopkeepers may be paying a total of a whopping £1.4 billion in business rates, which cannot be overlooked.
How we can assist you

Why might you be getting overcharged for business rates?

  • Councils are billing landlords and tenants incorrectly since the bills are being issued before the necessary adjustments are being made
  • Vacant building owners are only eligible to limited support, whereas industrial building owners are eligible to total support
  • Small business rate relief not applied
  • Failure to issue charitable relief
  • Empty property relief not applied

These are just some of the mistakes often disregarded for many reasons.

Who We Are

Pearl, being an award-winning accountancy firm, regulated by one of the UK’s premier accounting bodies – the ICAEW, have a team of specialists, whose sole responsibility is to ensure that your company’s business rates are calculated with complete accuracy, whether you have a multi-million-pound business or a small starting business. We recover a very high amount of overpaid business rates and charge a fee of a small percentage. The combination of knowledge, experience and skill of these professionals can guarantee that you can claim your rightful money back, so rest assured.

Key Skills

Commercial Lease Rates

Commercial Rent Rates

Strategical Tailored Advice

Consultancy of Business Rates

The Process Explained

We tailor the process for your business, to ensure efficiency and suitability. One of our specialists would be happy to talk to you about the stage of the process your business is in, should you decide to join us. The process can take from as little as 2 weeks, to a month, depending on the amount of information that has been provided to us.
Analysis of your business rates
At this stage, we thoroughly analyze the state of your business, with the information provided, and our experts will predict any potential incongruities that may occur.
Billing Authority Charges
Our consultants go over public records, for you current and past properties, and thoroughly calculate the normal business rates. Business rates can go as far back as 1990. We examine any inconsistencies, and even consider the smallest over-payments.
In the very likely case of over-paying business rates, we recover the full amount, and charge a fee of a small amount from the over-payed rates. We recover this directly from the local billing authorities, with full reconciliation. If we can’t help you get this money back, we follow no further with no charge to you.

We have a no win no fee service. This also mean you won’t be charged for survey fees or and upfront charges!

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