Iwoca, Simplifying Business Finance

Key features of what they offer.

No matter what size your business is or what type of auditing, financial, compliance, tax or business counselling services your company needs to cultivate and flourish, we have the capability, understanding and resource that you’re seeking.   

At Iwoca accountants offer a range of services. 

  1. Loan applications to save you the hassle and time
  2. Accounting and auditing
  3. Tax planning and execution
  4. Consulting: professional advice regarding your financial standings and prospects
  5. Bookkeeping and payroll: every document in an organized manner.


Have all of your documents ready at any given moment. Never miss a chance of getting a loan. We are always prepared for what is to come for your business. With us, you never have to worry.   

If you are not sure what amount you require for the loan, then worry not. We are here for you. We will be regularly tracking all your financial reports. If needed, using the past standing and the predicted future standing of the company, we can give an accurate and precise estimate of the amount to loan.  

We are partners with them

How we can assist you

We are partners with Iwoca accountants. Our partners will be willing to partner with you. To make it all easy for you, it will be our job to convince our partner. All you have to do is put your trust in us, as we put ours in you and Iwoca. Together we three can achieve anything.

All your documents will be ready at all times. Articulating the purpose of the loan and getting the best rates is our headache. With us, Iwoca is just one step away. Hire us!

We can help clients get the funds through Iwoca

Easy access to funds through Iwoca.

All your books in one place ready to be presented in a precise and convincing manner. You don’t have to worry about a last-minute missing document. We have got you covered. More importantly, we have got Iwoca covered. We exactly know what they require, shaping your requirements to suit their interests as well as yours.

All of the queries of Iwoca will be handled beforehand.


We can use online software to prepare their reports from software such as Xero QuickBooks etc


Our hardworking team of accountants will be unanimously towards one goal only, i.e., to satisfy your needs and requirements. Preparing your documents will become the easiest thing to do. You demand, and we provide. At any given moment, your requested documents can be made using Xero or QuickBooks, according to your needs.

We have good relations with the banks already and know what they are looking for

Worry not about any bank rejecting you. Our relations with the banks are pretty strong, just as our relationship with you will be based on firm trust and professional partnership.

Leave it to us to present your case to the banks. What they are looking for is precisely what we will provide them with. Whatever queries they have will be answered professionally.

In case you don’t want a bank, we have got you covered for that. Our experienced accountants are well aware of the markets ongoing situation. We can recommend and get you in contact with one of the most reputable and trustworthy lenders. With them too, all you have to do is decide. The rest is our job.

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