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Pearls Accountants are unique as you get a personal one to one service and they always answer your queries in a fast and professional manner.

Then i first opened up as a limited company i was clueless, but Pearls Accountant kindly assisted me the best way so i felt at ease and understood how the operation works.

Everything was explained clearly in detail and i could ask as many open questions and they where happy to help.
How bigger team is on board so its quicker response turnaround.

Naila Mughal

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Registered Address & Mail Forwarding

Every limited company is legally required to register an office address with HMRC and Companies House.

What is a Registered Address used for?

A registered address is where company records and registers are stored, and acts as the official mailing address of a limited company or Limited Liability Partnership. A registered address is a matter of public record.


What is a Registered Address Service?

Since a registered address is kept on public record, Pearl’s registered address service is useful for people running their business from home. There are many benefits:

  • There’ll be a clear line between home and work life.
  • Customers and clients will see you as a credible and established business.
  • There’ll be no unsolicited mail or unwanted visitors turning up at your home that would result from the public disclosure of corporate information.
  • More opportunities to do business in cities (such as London) if you’re running your business from a small town or rural area of the UK.
  • An office registered in a well-known location means you’ll appeal to a wider consumer base.

Pearl’s Mail Forwarding Service

If your business is registered in a different place from where you work, you might be wondering how you’ll receive your mail, since the registered address acts as the official mailing address. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your mail. Pearl will receive your mail, scan it, and send it to its relevant destination, either through email or cloud storage.

Secure and Confidential

With Pearl’s email forwarding service, security and confidentiality are our main priorities, so you can be sure that we’ll always deal with your mail in way that keeps you and your business protected.

Monthly Contract

Pearl’s registered address and mail forwarding service comes with monthly contracts (with 30 days’ notice). This means that when your business grows, requiring you to move into a dedicated office and change your registered address, you can easily leave Pearl’s registered address service.

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