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What is AutoEntry?

AutoEntry is a data extraction solution which uses optical recognition to accurately extract all the relevant data from your receipts, bills, invoices, and statements. The extracted data is then moved to a secure cloud-based location where it is readily accessible to the AutoEntry account owner anytime and anywhere. This data can also be exported in CSV or pdf format when needed and can always be used for accounting and tax-related or any other relevant business decisions. The Cloud-based data storage eliminates the need to maintain a physical documents inventory as well resulting in additional spaces and clutter-free environments.  


Is AutoEntry well-known in the industry?

How we can assist you

AutoEntry has bagged with awards and accolades including the LUCA award for the expenses and document management software of the year in 2018. The critical players in the industry using AutoEntry include Deloitte and PKF International Limited. The trust of these industry key players goes on to show that AutoEntry has made a respectable place for itself through its superior performance and excellent customer service. In total, 2,600 accountants and 105,000 business are currently using AutoEntry 

How does AutoEntry Work?

Accounting andBookeeeping can be stressful, but AutoEntry is so simple to use that it will significantly reduce your accounting stress. AutoEntry works through a straightforward 4 step process. It starts with you clicking a picture of your receipt, bill or invoice and sending it to AutoEntry. The image can be taken on your phone, or it could be an output of the good old-fashioned scanner. You could have taken the picture separately or in batches; you are free to snap the image of your receipt in whatever way that suits you at the time. After you send the picture to AutoEntry, it extracts all the data from the documents, including vendor or supplier codes, dates, and amount of money mentioned. The data is then organized as per your pre-set guidelines, and finally, it is published to your integrated accounting software. Again, automatically in the manner that you have pre-defined.  


Some prominent features of AutoEntry

Some notable features of AutoEntry include:

Perfect Data Security

AutoEntry provides complete data security through advanced features like End to End Encryption throughout the platform to guarantee your data security.


Full Line Item Capture

AutoEntry captures the entire list of line items, including the list price, quantity, unit, and cost for each item along with additional layers of verification for enhanced accuracy.

Purchase Order Matching

AutoEntry syncs the data extracted from captured invoices with the open purchase orders that match those invoices eliminating the need for manual entries.

Benefits of Using AutoEntry

There are several benefits to using the AutoEntry service for your accounting needs. Some of the significant benefits are:

Seamless integration with accounting platforms

AutoEntry provides the possibility for publishing on an extensive range of accountancy packages, both cloud-based and desktop packages. AutoEntry seamlessly integrates with accounting software like Xero, Sage 50, Sage One, Reckon, KashFlow, QuickBooks and others. The data files can easily be shared and used for collaboration, and data does not get stuck in silos. Your accountants, colleagues, and bookkeepers can also be granted rights to use the data. Therefore, the information can be accessed by everyone. Allowing every party to be on the same page for critical business decisions.

No more wasted space

Once the receipts are scanned and sent to AutoEntry, they are stored online on the cloud-based storage system. This means that physical documents are no longer required to be stored and maintained. Eliminating the need for physical documents empties more space in your office space and helps you get rid of the clutter. You also save on the cost of maintaining and organizing these documents. Avoiding the unavoidable hassles that are created due to the piles and piles of untameable paperwork.  

Why Choose Pearl Accountants

When it comes to accounting and Bookkeeping, higher accuracy directly translates into better business performance. Knowing this fundamental relationship, Pearl Chartered Accountants offers AutoEntry to automate your bookkeeping process, enabling you to stay ahead in every way possible.  

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