Why do you need a Futrli Accountant like Pearl Accountants?

At Pearl Accountants, we strive to provide our clients with innovative, efficient and cost-effective bookkeeping and accountancy solution to enhance their business. Thus, we became with Futrli to help us fulfil this goal.

When it comes to online accountancy solutions, Pearl Accountants seeks efficient, easy to solutions. Why? Well, as a business, you a generally seeking optimal, easy to use solutions. So, this is where Futrli comes in to play.


What is Futrli?

How we can assist you

Futrli, to put it simply is an integrated reporting and forecasting tool, which is designed for small businesses. Moreover, if you’re looking for a one-stop reporting and forecasting solution, then that’s Futrli.

Nowadays, there seems to be a digital solution for nearly everything. However, these solutions are not created equally. Now, what Futrli does is allows users to have a clearer reporting system, as they say at Futrli “because BI dashboards look backwards and spreadsheets are so last century.”

Futrli provides small business owners with a robust report. Unlike many reporting platforms, the aesthetic is easy to interpret. Therefore, it allows businesses to get a clearer understanding of the overall performance, based on the latest data.

The great thing about Futrli is that if you’re already using online solutions like QuickBooks and Xero, is that it can help businesses to get a stronger handle and understanding of your cash flow. Likewise, we have to agree, which is why we’re going to explain why we feel our partnership with Futrli is highly beneficial for our clients. So, let’s have a look why?


How does Futrli work?

The simple explanation: enhances businesses to make informed, quicker decisions. As noted, Futrli provides interpretable yet complex data reports, based on the latest dataset.

One of the most notable benefits of Futrli, is that it actually shows you an accurate of what your business looks like right now. Instead of working from outdated data, Futrli will automatically upload real-time data from platforms like Xero and QuickBooks. Not only that, Futrli doesn’t just take critical information one a week, or even once a day – no, it extracts data three times a day.

Therefore, the continuous upload and transferring of data, allows business owners, like you to make educated, informed and efficient decisions. If you opt to integrate Futrli into your bookkeeping and account management process, it provides you with the tools (data) to grow your business.


For instance, it becomes far easier to compare the performance of your business, sales – and even teams, on a monthly basis. Not only that, users can compare annual reports, which is beneficial, particularly if you’re seeking investment.

Bookkeeping, generating reports, forecasting, reviewing, analysing… the list could go on! These tasks are both necessary and somewhat tedious. It is inevitable that a business owner will eventually do all of these tasks at some point. However, it doesn’t need to be as painstaking.

What we mean is when you work from outdated, (even last months) data, you’re not going to be creating an up-to-date, nor accurate report. In a sense, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Now, this is where Futrli can be an optimal solution.

Often, looking at a report filled with numbers is overwhelming. At times it daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. As we said, Futrli provides its user with easy to interpret reports. Obviously, understanding the figures and reports is essential – but it’s not always easy.

….but it can be. Now, what Futrli aims to do is to provide businesses with comprehensive, real-time and distinguishable forecasting and reports. We have to say, Futrli does this successfully, and what’s more is that it provides business owners with data, which they can use instantly to make changes or decisions.

Moreover, Futrli works collaboratively with accountants and accountancy firms, like Pearl Accountants. Our partnership with Futrli, in which, Pearl Accountant are a [silver] partner, means we can offer our entrepreneurs even more benefits.


We can access and help you to interpret some of the results, but we can also provide you with customised, comprehensive reports. For instance, let’s say you need a more condensed report. Well, Pearl Accountants can then present a completely bespoke, “crunched” report to provide you with a more in-depth evaluation. Therefore, our partnership with Futrli, offers businesses, like yours, with comprehensive, accurate reports and forecasts.

Undoubtedly, bookkeeping and understanding the health of your business’s finances is key to success and growth. Thus, by leveraging our understanding and capability of the Futrli platform, can offer you invaluable information, which will serve to grow and enhance your business performance.

Therefore, our partnership with Futrli allows us to achieve our goal of helping businesses, like yours to grow, through the best reports. Now, these reports will not just show you what’s happening in your business right now, they can also help you to overcome and find solutions to “what if” scenarios.

The Key Features

On the whole, Futrli is highly advantageous for small businesses, who are looking to get a better handle on their company performance, identify issues or scale up. Pearl Accountants are eager to leverage Futlri’s innovative solution to provide our clients with a more comprehensive, effective and efficient reporting solution.

Here’s our top 5 benefits of Futlri’s features:

  1. Accurate and easy to understand reports
  2. Compare historical data to the most recent
  3. Allows you to predict and prepare for an abundance of “what if” scenarios
  4. Transferrable reports – for personal use, generating tax returns/reports and for investment purposes
  5. Seamless integration with online platforms such as QuickBooks and Xero.
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