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What is Hubdoc?

Hubdoc is one of the smartest data extraction technologies. It allows you to quickly and efficiently process and store bills, invoices, financial emails, and expense receipts. Since all of the receipts are converted into data, you never have to worry about losing them or being mishandled in storage. The cost of paper storage in offices can be significantly high. A tool that allows you to store easily, readily access, and download your required file anytime and anywhere in the format of your choice is nothing less than a blessing. 


How does Hubdoc Work?

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Hubdoc is super easy to use. All you need to do is snap a picture, scan any of your bills or documents and upload them to the Hubdoc App. The App automatically extracts all the information from the documents, including the dates, vendor codes, the amount, and expense description. Once the information from the document is obtained, it’s saved as data in our storage. The entire process is entirely effortless and provides several benefits for individuals and businesses. Reducing stress for business leaders and helps them to get more value out of their time and resources.  

Some unique features of Hubdoc

Hubdoc has some really efficient time-saving and resource-friendly features to help you and your business. Some of these features include:

Optical Character Recognition

Hubdoc uses a specialized optical character recognition feature to analyze your documents and receipts for usable information.

Direct data-fetching from your linked accounts

Hubdoc also enables you to have your email or other service accounts linked. Therefore, any recurring bills or statements will automatically be retrieved by Hubdoc, and saved securely in proper locations on the cloud server.

Invoice forwarding from emails

Hubdoc allows you to forward invoices from your email inbox to the Hubdoc cloud storage where they will be securely stored and organized.

Syncing with your accounting

Through Hubdoc, you can grant access rights to your accountants who can make use of the information stored and organized by Hubdoc. Hubdoc brings efficiency and convenience to the work of accountants.

Benefits of Using Hubdoc

There are several benefits to using the Hubdoc service for your accounting needs. Some of the significant benefits are:

One-stop access point for all bills and documents

Hubdoc pulls all your specified documents and receipts from all the different accounts and locations. This document pulling means one single access point for you to fetch all your recurring statements and bills. No more logging into many different accounts and websites for gathering this information. Accounts added in a flash through a straightforward process. Just look for your account provider, enter your login information and Hubdoc will link to your account. You can even use Hubdoc to extract and look up historical statements and receipts as they will also be available to you for use.

Seamless integration with accounting platforms

Hubdoc seamlessly integrates with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks. You can easily sync your bills and invoices with your accounting software. Using Hubdoc’s vendor rules, you can even automate the publishing and coding process of your data files. The data files can easily be shared and used for collaboration, and data does not get stuck in silos. Your accountants, colleagues, and bookkeepers can also be granted rights to use the data. Which means, everyone has access to all the information and consequently is on the same page for critical business decisions.  

Bank-level Security

With critical financial statements and documents comes the concern for safety. Hubdoc provides bank-level security for your sensitive information. It uses SSL/TLS, 256-bit encryption, extended validation certificate, and monitoring from McAfee & TRUSTe, which are the benchmark for data security in the industry.

Why Choose Pearl Accountants

Hubdoc is one of the most cutting-edge technologies to help you stay ahead in your accounting related business needs. At Pearl Chartered Accountants, we have a partnership with Hubdoc, which allows our clients to process their receipts more efficiently than was ever possible.

The best part about using Hubdoc is that it can be easily included in your monthly service packages. Call us now at 020 8582 0076 to get a quote. We’d love to hear from you!

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