Take Advantage of Our Tax Investigation Protection & Save.


Why Take This On?

Pearl Accountants can act as your defense team in any tax investigation and ensure that you always stay protected.

Protect Your Business from Every Direction

Tax investigation insurance is essential for any business, but it’s not just about the money. An open enquiry or court case may damage your reputation and disrupt your business.


More than 80% of tax inquiries are now initiated by HMRC using a database called “Connect.” The system gathers information from 30 sources to identify details that might be relevant to an inquiry.


When we represent you, we’ll question any aspects of the investigation that seem unfair.

Whats Covered?

Our Tax Investigation Cover is designed with you in mind. We handle a variety of cases.

Some of the investigations we cover include the following:

  • Income Tax Self-Assessment Returns
  • Corporation Tax Assessment Returns
  • PAYE & VAT Compliance Visit Cover
  • HMRC IR35 Enquiries
  • Employee Compliance Disputes
  • HMRC VAT Disputes
  • Pension Auto Enrolment Return Enquiries</li.

Additional Perks

We offer free telephone access to our business advisers, who can help you get all the guidance you need.

Occupational Law

If you have any questions regarding performance and absence management, TUPE, redundancies, holiday entitlements, complaints, or disciplinary actions-feel free to get in touch with us

Health & Safety Issues

We have everything from risk assessments and fire safety guidance to first aid and RIDDOR.

Legal Matters

Looking for legal advice on any personal or business issue?
Our experts can help.

How We Work


Investigation Costs

We protect you from financial repercussions. If you get a letter for an HMRC investigation over your tax affairs, you are covered from further accountancy fees for up to £100,000 – no matter how long the investigation takes. We will also fight your case in court if necessary and defend you instead of costing more money through additional fees


What will we do for you?

Pearl Accountants will work alongside the taxman and support you every step of the way; we will provide:

  • A response to the HMRC investigation on your behalf.
  • Manage all correspondence to save time.
  • Prepare your case and provide the best defence.
  • Protect your interests and suggest the best solution.




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Why Choose US

Industry Specific

Our ICAEW-regulated chartered accountants help you from the outset. They understand your industry and accounting software preferences, from business structure to tax planning.

Grow Your Business

We're here to help. We recognise that every company, whether new or old, is unique. We build strategies that fit your requirements, objectives, and schedules whilst delivering objectivity and direction.

We Don't Get You to Do the Bookkeeping

Pearl does the bookkeeping for all its clients. That's right: we take this problem off your hands. A hassle-free service means you don't have to worry about entering all your receipts and bills.

Integrate all your Software

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most cutting-edge solutions for our client's business needs, with an array of software solutions from bookkeeping, productivity, and stock management.

All In One Package

As a one-stop shop for all your business needs, we provide a full range of services, from bookkeeping to legal counsel, to ensure your business's success and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely, our clients buying tax investigation and legal helpline services are covered against HMRC investigation in relation to Self-assessment tax returns, Corporation tax (CT600) returns, Payroll (PAYE) compliance, HMRC IR35 enquiries for Contractors, HMRC VAT disputes and Pension Auto Enrolment Return Queries.

The tax investigation and legal helpline service covers accountancy fees of up to £100,000 except for HMRC enquiries under the Code of Practice where cover is £10,000 for any one claim and Judicial Review applications are also £10,000 in any one claim

Yes, subject to the usual terms & and conditions of the policy.

The tax investigation service will allow for one Partner/Director plus one other member of staff from the practice to attend a face-to-face meeting with HMRC.

Yes, this is included for clients of Fusion Accountants who have bought this service.

Vantage Tax Fee Protection Ltd is the partner of Fusion Accountants for these services.

Yes, you can contact Vantage Tax Fee Protection Ltd directly for Employment, legal, commercial, health, and safety advice.

You will need to call 0116 243 7891 and quote VTFP23. There is no additional cost for this.