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Are you applying for a Spouse Visa?This guide will show you the requirements to obtaining a visa in order to be allowed to live in the UK, and show what Pearl can do to make the process run more smoothly and successfully.What is a Spouse Visa?If you are married to a British Citizen, or somebody settled in the UK, a spouse visa allows you to live in the UK with them.If you already legally live in the UK, you can apply from within the UK. If not, you’ll need to apply from your home country.What are the requirements to obtaining a spouse visa?Here is an overview of the things you’ll need to prove before obtaining a spouse visa:Relationship:You must be married, in a form that is legally recognised in the UK – religious or cultural marriages are not accepted.If the Home Office thinks that it is a sham marriage, i.e. not a genuine relationship, your application for a spouse visa will be rejected.AgeYou must both be at least 18 years old, or about to turn 18.Accommodation:You must prove that you have suitable accommodation available in the UK that you share as a couple.Your spouse visa application may be rejected if the property is overcrowded.English LanguageYou must be able to speak English at a sufficient level.Being from an English-speaking country or having a degree that was taught in English will act as evidence of this.If neither of these apply, you can prove you can speak English by taking a test from an approved provider.Be of good characterIf you’re seen to not be of good character, you could be refused a UK Spouse Visa.Any criminal convictions, withholding important information, having a poor immigration history, etc. may act as a barrier to you being allowed to live in the UK.FinancialYou’ll need to show that you and your spouse will be able to support yourselves without the help of benefits or financial support from friends or family.You’ll need a combined gross income of at least £18,600 per year.Unlike much of the rest of the spouse visa application process, it is the UK-based spouse who is usually responsible for providing evidence of income.How Pearl Accountants can help with the Spouse Visa application processThe rules for obtaining a spouse visa are very strict, requiring you to submit a number of documents. It is up to you as the applicant to compile and send these documents.As Chartered Accountants, Pearl can assist you in applying for a UK Spouse Visa, making a complicated process much easier.We’ll save you time, money, and stress.Why Pearl Accountants? Shouldn’t I hire an immigration lawyer? As Chartered Accountants, Pearl is constantly liaising with solicitors.That means we’re familiar with all the UKBA rules and regulations, and so can ensure your application is correctly submitted.As Chartered Accountants, we have the expertise to authorise your income to the Home Office, as well as any other key details relevant to the application process.Book your free appointment with PearlFor more information and professional advice on making a successful UK Spouse Visa application, please get in touch for a free appointment.We’ll discuss all the needs of you and your spouse, and head you in the right direction to obtaining a UK Spouse Visa.
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