Specialist Accountants for the Creative Sector

Tax Returns for the Creative Sector

For those of us in the creative industry, there is good news. Given our vast client base, we have clients in this sector and as such are experienced to help you with your accounts and taxes.

Getting Tax and accountancy advice

There are plenty of ways to ensure your taxes are minimized and when you join us, we will ensure you are claiming all the allowable expenses whilst ensuring your reliefs and allowances are utilised also.

We will ensure your accounts and tax returns are always promptly filed with HMRC and we also provide you with an online accounting software such as QuickBooks (or any other that you currently use).

Pearl Accountants is different

Pearl Accountants provides an affordable and specialist accountancy service designed for the Trade Industry. Throughout the year we’ll be on hand to give you any tax and accountancy advice you might need, including things like:

  • Take-home pay
  • Which VAT scheme to register for
  • Expenses
  • Tax allowances
  • Choosing between sole trader and limited company
  • Running your business in a tax-efficient way

We charge for our accountancy services in a clear and simple way, which means you’ll never receive an unexpected bill, and you can get in touch for advice whenever you want without the worry of being charged a fortune like you would with many other accountants.

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