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Pearls Accountants are unique as you get a personal one to one service and they always answer your queries in a fast and professional manner.

Then i first opened up as a limited company i was clueless, but Pearls Accountant kindly assisted me the best way so i felt at ease and understood how the operation works.

Everything was explained clearly in detail and i could ask as many open questions and they where happy to help.
How bigger team is on board so its quicker response turnaround.

Naila Mughal

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Payroll Services

Pearl Accountants will make sure that no deadlines are missed and that your Payroll complies with HMRC’S RTI (Real Time Information) reporting requirements.

Payroll Registration

All Business who have employees and require to run payroll must first register for PAYE with HMRC. PAYE is the system provided by HMRC to collect National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax from employement. PAYE registeration is not required if non of your employees are paid more than £113 or weekly or get benefits, have another employment or receive a pension. Pearl Accountants will help you assess if you are required to register for PAYE and will both register full Payroll PAYE registeration with HMRC and on going payroll, including (RTI) Real Time Information submissions as part of your Accounting package.

Payroll Regsitration for Contractors
Guide to Auto-Enrolment for Small Businesses 2017

Auto Enrolment

Auto-enrolment has been proposed to support employees to ensure that are automatically registered to join a workplace pension scheme. The new framework will also provide an easy solution for small businesses that have only begun to provide their employees with a pension scheme. Both workers and employers can make contributions to their workplace pension.

Maximise Profits

Pearl will look at your salaries and dividends to plan a tax-efficient remuneration strategy, helping your business to minimise tax paid, and maximise its profits.

Increase Productivity

Payroll administration is boring and time-consuming. Pearl will take it off your hands so you can spend your time doing more productive activities.

Who is Pearl’s payroll services for?

Pearl Accountants was created mainly to help Small-to-Medium sized Businesses, Sole Traders,  Contractors, and Landlords.

Payroll Payments and Reporting

Payments to Employees are made net of Income Tax and National Insurance (deducted at source), these taxes are then paid by the employer to HMRC for both Employer and Employee taxes.

There may be other deductions that an employer is required to make, such as Student Loan Repayments, Pension Contributions etc.

Once a payroll is run, the payroll information is then submitted to HMRC through RTI.

Fusion Accountants will manage your entire Payroll process to help you save time so you can focus on more productive things in your business.

Experts in Payroll Administration

Pearl are experts in payroll administration, so you don’t have to be. We’ll do all the hard work, and give you all the best payroll advice.

Payroll Services for Businesses

Here are some of the things we’ll do for you: 


  • Administrate PAYE, National Insurance, statutory sick pay, etc.
  • Complete and submit statutory forms, including year-end returns, P35, P60s, P45s and P46s
  • Summarise and analyse staff costs
  • Administrate bonuses, incentive schemes, and ex-gratia and termination payments
  • Produce customised payslips

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