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Pearl Accountants is a multi-lingual accountancy firm based in London. London is an incredibly multicultural city, and as a result, we believe that we should offer our services in multiple languages to our customers. We have many clients from countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates; as a result, we provide our accountancy services in Arabic as well as English.

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When it comes to accountancy jargon and terminology, it can be confusing if you’re a native English speaker, never mind an Arabic speaker! We understand this challenge, which is why we employ Arabic-speaking accountants who can easily process your accounts and ask you all the right questions when it comes to your business’s books.

As an accountant for small businesses in London, we are exposed to a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world, including regions such as North Africa and the Middle East. Although many of these business-savvy men and women can speak good English, they would prefer to conduct their accountancy while speaking their native language. This is why our multi-language accountancy firm can offer its services in Arabic, enabling that your HMRC forms are filled out with all the required detail whilst ensuring that you’re kept up to speed in your native Arabic.

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Fluent in both English and Arabic

We provide our accountancy services in both English and Arabic, with professional members of our team being fluent in both English and Arabic. This is the best way to conduct your accountancy if your native language is Arabic, as you can make sure that you understand everything which is being done with regards to your accounts. Having an accountant in London who speaks both English and Arabic gives you the best of both worlds, allowing them to translate your requirements/information and ensure that HMRC has all the right information from you.

Exceptional customer service

Here at Pearl Accounts, our Arabic-speaking accountants believe in delivering exceptional customer service, no matter what language it happens to be in! We ensure that we provide our clients with world-class communication in multiple languages, explaining any complicated accountancy terminology as necessary. We believe that you shouldn’t walk out of an accountants feeling confused and timid; you should walk out feeling confident and reassured! This attitude is how we have built ourselves a reputation as one of the best multi-lingual business advisory accountants in London.


Whether you’re a sole trader, a company director, or a contractor, we can look after your accounts whilst communicating with you in your mother tongue. It’s estimated that over 11,000 people in London speak Arabic as their first language, making it incredibly important that these people have access to accountants who understand them fluently. HMRC won’t take pity on you if your accounts aren’t in order due to a communication problem, so it’s important to make sure that everything is taken care of in your mother tongue!

If you seek an accountants for businesses in London who speak Arabic as well as English, get in touch with Pearl Accountants today!

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