View your daily cash flow and predict future cash flows with Futrli's accurate and insightful forecast.


The Futrli platform is built to help you run your business better. Change the way companies operate by providing data and technology insights to make your business more successful. By incorporating daily data-driven insight, cash flow management, reporting forecasting and scenario planning, issues are identified faster, better decisions can be made, and your business can be more successful.


Our partnership with Futrli helps your business achieve increased forecasting accuracy and provides an alternative to antiquated reporting programs. Futrli considers the current economic climate and analyses your business practices to give clear, concise, and reliable results. This way, Pearl Accountants can help you make better-informed decisions to keep your business moving forward.


Futrli enables you to extract essential data to make efficient business decisions. The software collects a complete transaction history and automatically imports data from accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks. Furthermore, it uploads data three times daily, much faster than the once per week or once per day offered by competitors. This helps business owners like yourself make intelligent, well-informed judgments regarding your company’s growth plans.


Get a high-quality financial forecast for your business. Our  experts can help you create an accurate forecast to set your business on the right path with the aid of Futrli; chat with us today.


Futrli is a data analysis solution that transforms financial and operational insights into actionable intelligence. It helps get a better handle on your business performance, identify areas of improvement and challenges, pinpoint critical issues and scale up effectively. Pearl Accountants is eager to leverage Futrli’s innovative solution to provide our clients with a more comprehensive, effective and efficient reporting solution.


  • Accurate and straightforward reports
  • Contrast the most recent data with the past
  • It allows foresight and planning for “what if” scenarios.
  • Personal, tax and investment reports are transferable.
  • Seamless integration with systems like Xero and QuickBooks.

We are confident that you will love each of these five features.


Yes, Futrli is a system that runs entirely in the cloud. You may access it via a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop if you have an Internet connection, and more than one person can use it simultaneously. You can’t use Futrli when you aren’t online.

Adding your accountant is the same as adding any other user to the Futrli Platform. from any page, click the gear icon in the top right corner to get to the settings section.

Yes! Our Futrli specialist is happy to answer any of your questions either by chat, email or over the phone.

You can add as many users as you want to Futrli Advisor, so you can share and work with coworkers, clients, or investors. You must first go to the Futrli advisor user section to add a user. Here you can find a list of the users who have access to one or more of your account’s organisations. and you can also add new users.