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In England and Wales alone, over 550,000 people speak Polish as their native language, which is around the same number of people which speak Welsh! Polish has quickly become one of the most widely spoken languages in the UK and London, so it is imperative that there should be a Polish-speaking accountancy firm based in London!

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Here at Pearl Accountants, our Polish-speaking accountancy specialists can translate everything for you, ensuring that our Polish-speaking clients receive that same treatment and service as our English-speaking clients. As an accountants for businesses, we understand the pain points and stresses which you will be facing when it comes time to do your taxes and look at your accounts. These pain points are only exacerbated if you are not confident in your English skills, so why not opt for a Polish-speaking accountant who can handle everything for you in your mother tongue?


UK’s accountancy and tax regulation

The UK’s accountancy and tax regulations are confusing for its locally-born citizens, let alone people who come from overseas and don’t have a firm grasp on the English language or culture! As a result, we offer our bespoke accounting services in both English and Polish, allowing our Polish clients to remain comfortable and well-informed throughout the entire accounting process. If doesn’t matter whether you’re a sole trader, a small business owner, a company director, or a startup entrepreneur, our professional accountancy team in London can effectively assist you with your taxes, expenses, and overall bookkeeping.

Serving Polish-speaking businesses and clients

We offer a range of accountancy services in London, serving Polish-speaking businesses and clients of all shapes and sizes. When looking for a Polish-speaking accountant for businesses, look no further than Pearl Accountants! Our experienced team of accountancy professionals have years of accountancy experience between them, using a variety of languages and dialects. Our passionate staff have a diverse and eclectic mixture of experience, expertise, and knowledge, allowing them to draw from multiple resources in order to deliver world-class service, whatever the language at hand may be!



Just like any English-speaking customer, our Polish-speaking customers have the right to receive a bespoke accounting service which is tailored to them and their needs. We believe that providing our accounting services in multiple languages levels the playing field and gives our international clients as much of an advantage as our local English-speaking clients. Our staff come from a mixed range of backgrounds, nations, and walks of life, allowing us to form a reputation as one of London’s best multi-lingual accountants.

Here at Pearl Accountants, we pride ourselves on our multicultural heritage and multi-lingual accounting services, allowing people from various backgrounds to pay their taxes and keep their books in order without worrying about their words and requirements being lost in translation. London is famed for its international and multicultural businesses, and we are proud to be doing our bit in order to help them prosper and remain in good standing with HMRC.

Looking for Polish-speaking accountants in London? Get in touch with Pearl Accountants and consult with a Polish-speaking accountancy specialist today!

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