By Ashley Preen

May 5, 2016

Burning out at work? Here are seven signs to look out for

Becoming burned out with your job can turn something you used to get great satisfaction from into a real chore.Here are some signs that you are becoming burned out with your job.

You can’t stop thinking about work, even when you are trying to relax

To be the most productive possible, you need to be able to do your work when you are at the office and then go home, relax, and not think about work again until the next day. A sign you are burning out is when you go home but cannot stop worrying about all the work you still need to do – it stops you from being able to relax, so you enjoy both your personal and work time less.

You struggle to find motivation

It is really easy to be excited about work when you first start a new job, so self-motivation is easy. But this becomes more and more difficult if you start to burn out. When you burn out you struggle to enjoy any of the work you do; it all becomes one boring chore after another.

You have turned from an optimist to a pessimist

Are you an optimist? Somebody who always sees the positives in life? If you find that you are becoming a pessimist and are seeing everything in a negative light, there is a good chance you are becoming burnt out with your job. Being a pessimist can make work a nightmare because you start to only do things because they need to get done rather than because you get any satisfaction from it.

You feel tired all the time

When you become burnt out, everything becomes more difficult. This means that you become tired both mentally and physically even when doing the simplest of tasks. You wake up feeling exhausted, and it just gets worse and worse throughout the day.

Your health is suffering

Being burnt out with your job can cause a lot of stress, which in turn causes all sorts of health problems, from being depressed to becoming overweight through overeating.

You don’t feel any satisfaction for doing a good job

Remember how amazing it felt to do a great job, even when you didn’t get all the praise you deserved? When you become burnt out at work you stop getting that feeling when you do a good job – consequently you stop even trying to do a good job because you find no satisfaction in the results.

You are making more mistakes than usual

Becoming burned out with your job leads to stress, which in turn leads you not being able to make decisions as well as you used to. When you become burnt out with your job you often start to make more mistakes than usual, which can be a disaster when it comes to doing business.