By Ashley Preen

December 14, 2017

Digital Services from HMRC – Small Business Guide

HMRC have initiated many digital services for small business. Here is quick guide to all HMRC’s digital services and how they can be used to help small business owners.

Using Live and recorded webinars

HMRC compilation of live and pre-recorded webinars will help small business owners with a wide scope of important small business issues. They are a good resource as they useful can be watched 24/7 via any connected device i.e. Smartphone, laptop or PC.

Learning with E-Learning

HMRC’s E-learning platform allows small business owners to learn about key tax matters purposely designed for small businesses. Each series is interesting and interactive. They are a good resource for small business owners just starting their business.

Connecting with Social media

HMRC have embraced social media and have their own Twitter account and YouTube channel. Their Twitter accounts are @HMRCgovuk and @HMRCbusiness which provide timely updates and can be used to communicate with customer support as well. The HMRC YouTube channel has a sizable collection of videos which guide and support small business owners through various tax and business matters.

Receiving Email Service

The HMRC email service ensures that a small business owner will receive personalised email reminders online. It is easy to sign up for these reminders online.

Using the Online Business Tax Account

An online business tax account keeps all your tax matters in one place allowing you to view and deal with them. By registering your business tax account online, you can file your tax returns and pay tax easily from your online account. There are also FAQ’s and support sources available online to help you use this online tool.

Using iForms

Small business owners can use iForms via Smartphones now with an enquiry progress checker through your online tax account.

Calculating Online with Ready Reckoner

The Ready Reckoner is an online tool that small business owners who are self-employed can use to budget the amount that needs to be saved each month for their end of year tax bill.

Using Apps for Record Keeping

An approved HMRC list of Apps that can be used by small businesses to create digital record keeping is worth investigating as these Apps will play an important role as HMRC move to ‘Making tax digital’ for small businesses.

Paying Online with Debit or Credit Card

Paying HMRC your tax bill can be easily completed online using a debit or credit card.

Making Tax Digital for Small Businesses

HMRC want all tax matters for small businesses to be digital by 2020. Apps and software approved by HMRC will be available to ensure that small businesses keep digital business records and complete digital reporting online. Online and phone support is being promised to ensure that small businesses can be organized for this new system.