By Ashley Preen

May 26, 2017

A guide to ISA’s changes for 2017-2018

How have ISA’s changed for 2017/2018?

Allowances on all ISA’s (Individual Savings Account) has increased. The new amount allows you to invest from £15,2490 to £20,000 from April 2017.

When should you invest?

It is best to invest your money into an ISA at the beginning or as close to the start of the new tax year i.e. April 2017.

Which ISA should I invest in?

Both types of ISA’s provide a good investment. You can invest all £20,00 into a Cash ISA or into a Shares ISA. You also have the option of dividing this amount between both types of ISA’s.

Is all the interest from a ISA tax free?

All interest and savings are tax-free for cash ISA’s. All dividends and capital gains earned from Share ISA’s are also tax-free.

How to invest into a Share ISA?

Share ISA’s have some risk and accessing your money may come with some new banking options. Consider these factors when deciding how to invest into a Share ISA.

Where to get the best advice on ISA’s?

To get expert advice you should seek advice from an accountant. Pearl Accountants dedicated tax experts are available to discuss your options.

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