Leading Top 8 Freelance Jobsites

21st April 2017
Being a freelancer means that you can do what you love the most and still have a great work-life balance. However, when you first start out you may find that securing a steady flow of work the most challenging hurdle to overcome. There are a lot of job sites but it is best to choose those that complement your unique skill set and expertise.Here is a list of the leading Top 8 Job sites that are worth joining to ensure that you secure the best jobs with the best clients.

Freelance Alliance

A jobsite that is based in the UK with a straightforward registration process for UK freelances only. With a whole host of creative freelance jobs that match freelancer’s skills to client’s specific requirements. This jobsite has many resources for freelancers as well.Visit this freelance job website www.freelanceuk.com/find-a-freelancer


With an extensive international client base, jobs are available worldwide. This jobsite is specifically geared to web developers and designers as well as digital marketing experts.Visit this freelance job website www.upwork.com


Toptal is a one of the most select jobsites for Freelancers. That is the reason freelancers who have lots and lots of experience and expertise use this jobsite frequently. There is a screening process which ensures that only credible freelancers are advertised. Their client base has major international companies including Hewlett Packard, Emirates, JPMorgan.Visit this freelance job website www.toptal.com


As an IT freelancer, you will find the best projects on this niche jobsite. Upload your CV and your unique skills will be matched to projects that are available.Visit freelance job website elevatedirect.com


Contently is specifically geared to writers or content freelancers. There is a professional member base where big brands are looking for expert writers. These international clients will pay top rates for professional content writers.Visit this freelance job website contently.com


YunoJuno are uniquely placed as they offer a freelance service to large multinational firms who are looking for expert freelancers. The YunoJuno freelance community also has a great network.Visit this freelance job website www.yunojuno.com


This freelance jobsite features UK jobs only. All jobs are detailed per hour and there are also fixed contracts for online and offline jobs.Visit this freelance job website www.peopleperhour.com


By matching your freelance skills to clients on Guru’s database, you will find a job or project that suits you. Guru has a network of 1.5million freelancers and a huge database of clients that are always looking for freelancers.Visit this freelance job website www.guru.com
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