By Ashley Preen

January 16, 2017

Tips for Freelancers to ensure Clients are happy

Freelancers should always ensure that their clients are happy. This will both provide you with further recommendations in the form of new clients from positive word-of-mouth and your current clients will choose to give you more work. To achieve this successful outcome is a matter of juggling various roles. You will need to provide the role of customer service, project manager and communications officer to ensure that all your clients are happy. The following tips will help you achieve this and make sure that your clients stay happy.

Tip1 – Manage client’s expectations

Managing the expectations of clients is often tricky. By being open and honest from your first meeting, should lay the ground for a happy working relationship.

Tip2 – Provide and agree on a project scope

The scope of a project entails what work should be completed, how long it should take, what it does and does not include. It provides a document which can be referred to throughout the project. If your client’s expectations change this could lead to disputes and problems over payment.

Tip 3 – Maintain open communication

Tip 4 – Goals and prices should be realisticThe document outlining the project scope will give both you and your client a basis on which to agree to a realistic price for the goods or services to be delivered. The goals set in scope document should also be realistic. Don’t be tempted to make promises that you could not keep or deadlines that you could not reach.

Tip 5 – Always be professional

By being professional in both your appearance, your mannerism and your work ethic will ensure that your reputation precedes you. This means that your client will sense from the outset that they are dealing with a professional who will be responsible and complete the work promised. Note that all documents and correspondence must also be of a professional to ease any doubts your client may have, especially at the beginning of the working relationship. For instance, a well worded document or a clear and concise telephone conversation will almost always help.

Tip 6 – Provide recommendations and expertise

Your expertise is the main reason that a client would choose you to undertake their specific project. Always ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest developments in your field by attending seminars and training. This investment in yourself will provide you with new solutions and perspectives. This can be recommended to your client adding value to your relationship and reputation.

Tip 7 – Always meet deadlines

A client has chosen you to complete specific work which they expect you to complete in the given time agreed upon. This promised deadline should always be met to ensure that payment is made on time and without delay. Reliability will ensure that your client will pay you as agreed.

Tip 8 – Provide extra incentives

By providing your clients with some extra incentive will demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile for them. This in turn will boost your reputation and help secure you more work from them and new clients through recommendations and word-of-mouth.