By Ashley Preen

March 20, 2017

Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Day

Savvy ways to work around the clock without working 24/7 is a skill that can make you both more productive, cut costs and help alleviate a lot of your stress.

Follow a set routine

Working around the clock can have mental and physical repercussions especially for small business owners who have to deal with all the stress of running a business. The best way to minimise your stress is to put a daily routine into place. This will minimise your stress in the following ways. Routine decisions mean that you do not have to think or deal with the everyday choices freeing up time and energy for the more important business decisions you have to make. By setting a routine you will have freed up your time and given yourself less stress.

Stay focused and disciplined

Once you have written a business plan, you need to write your goals down. Set your business objectives based on these business goals. Make sure that you can measure them and that they are realistic. Review your goals on a regular basis to see if they have been achieved. These gaols will help you to stay focused and disciplined and hence ensure that you can achieve your objectives and goals in a set period of time.

Use automation

By using automation, you could cut costs and save time. With the digital world of apps that can be run from Smartphones to the software packages that help you run your business, your life can be made easier. There are many free versions of software and apps that you should try before you find one that suits your style of working. Use the free trials that are offered by a lot of software developers before paying for them. Ensure that you do not lose the personal touch, for example, adding your customers’ names to emails sent out via an automated software package.

Use new technology

Spending time going to meetings can be negated by using the technology that the digital world can give you. You get to do some ‘smart’ working by conducting meetings from your own office online. There are a number of ways to conduct meetings via skype, Facetime or Google hangouts. This can be done from your PC at your office or from your Smartphone. To share documents with your customers before meetings is also helpful and this can be done via email or cloud based technologies like Dropbox.