By Ashley Preen

February 12, 2019

Used to be with KPMG Small Business Services? Choose Pearl Accountants!

Just a few days ago, The Business Desk reported that KPMG small business is closing down, leaving thousands of former KPMG small business clients with no small business services accountants to turn to. The company’s SBA Service, which launched only 5 years ago, will soon cease operation in the UK.

A KPMG spokesperson said that the company was “proposing to withdraw the provision of our Small Business Accounting (SBA) service in the U.K., which offers cloud-based bookkeeping to small and micro-businesses.”

As part of this process of KPMG small business closing down, small business clients will need to be transitioned to other reputable small business accountants in the UK. This is where Pearl Accountants comes in – we are a reputable chartered accountants with a small business accountancy service.

All of our staff are highly trained, and we use cutting-edge software like Quickbooks and Xero software

Our team can help you to keep on top of your small business’s finances, sort out your payroll, file your tax returns with HMRC, and minimise your tax liability. Why hire a full-time accountant when you can outsource to a reliable service like ours? All of our staff are highly trained, and we use cutting-edge software like Quickbooks and Xero software to help make the accounting process more seamless.

Top reasons why KPMG clients choose Pearl

There are many reasons that former KPMG clients have chosen to come over to Pearl now that KPMG small business is closing down, but here are a few of the top reasons.

Top reasons why KPMG clients choose Pearl

1. Easy transfer of books

Our accountants ensure that the transferal service is quick and easy, making the transition as seamless and hassle-free as possible for you during this turbulent time.

2. More care and attention

Although Pearl Accountants is not as big as KPMG, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Small businesses such as our own treat our customers with the best customer service – you are the people who keep our doors open! We also have the same skillsets and resources necessary to cater to the same clientele as KPMG’s small business service, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with Pearl!

End-to-end bookkeeping

3. End-to-end bookkeeping

We work with Xero software and other similar services to provide you with end-to-end bookkeeping services. All you need to do is supply us with your invoices and receipts and we’ll take care of the rest. We are official partners with Xero, and we recommend Xero software to all of our clients. For example, Xero software comes with a handy feature will allow you to estimate your own self-assessment tax liability, telling you roughly how much money to set aside for tax purposes every month.

4. Partners with Receipt Bank

We are also partners with the Receipt Bank app, a service which enables auto-entry of invoice and receipt information, making bookkeeping quicker and easier for small business owners.

5. Competitive rates

If you take a look at KPMG’S pricing and compare it to our own, you’ll find that our rates are more competitive and affordable in the current market.


6. Chartered Accountants

We are a firm of chartered accountants which is registered with the ICAEW. We have many years of experience and expertise, providing you with face-to-face meetings in a range of languages. We treat our clients with the care and respect that they deserve, unlike some larger corporate entities.

7. Minimising tax liability

Our business tax advice service can provide you with all the help and advice you need, also helping you to minimise your tax liability. Here at Pearl, we understand that you need to save every penny possible when running a business, which is why we act as business growth accountants who can help to scale your business rather than just crunch numbers. Many of our staff are former PwC staff, and are fully aware of all the tax reliefs and allowances that your small business is entitled to.

8. Dedicated accountants

Pearl Accountants Team

With Pearl, you will get your own dedicated accountant who will provide you with unlimited face-to-face meetings, as well as additional support via phone, email, and video chat services. Your accountant will remind you of deadlines and compliances, ensuring that you don’t get caught out for silly mistakes by HMRC.

 9. 30-day notice policy

We don’t want our clients to feel pressured into a long-lasting contract, which is why we offer a 30-day notice policy if you don’t feel that we are the right for you. Nonetheless, we are so confident in our small business accountants that we don’t think you’ll ever take this option!

10. Check out our testimonials!

Pearls Valued Added Services

On the fence about switching to us? Why not check out our extensive collection of testimonials from satisfied clients who have worked with us? Pearl Accountants has experience helping small businesses from all different fields and industries, whether we’re providing them with consultations or integrating Xero software into their workflows.

Additional Services from Pearl

KPMG small business closing down means that we’re talking a lot about our small business accountancy services here, but we do also provide a number of additional services which can help your business to sustainably grow and manage its finances. We have staff with a vast wealth of experience, so why not check out some of these additional services?

experience concept

1. Stock management software

If you’re finding it hard to keep track of your stock levels in your business, our dedicated accountants can provide you with stock management software which optimises your workflow and makes your business more efficient.

2. Part-time FD

Perhaps your company could do with FD services, but cannot afford to pay a full-time finance director. If so, our part-time FD services could be just what you need. Our part-time finance directors help you to grow your business sustainably, assisting with duties such as budgets and forecasts for the future.

3. Software integration

Whether its Quickbooks, Xero software, or WordPress, our staff are experienced in software integration, providing your business with integrated software solutions which can make you more productive and efficient.

software integration

So, with KPMG small business closing down, we hope you make the right decision and turn to Pearl for all your small business accountancy and consultancy needs!