Insurance for Contractors & Freelancers

When you join Pearl, we assess not just your accounting requirements but also advise if you need PII cover and if you do, we have partnered up with Knightsbride Insurers to provide our contractors the best service.

When you join up with Knightsbridge, they will review your full scanerio and provide a fixed quotation, and the best part of that is you get 10% off when you are a client of ours!

Unlike other accountants, we don’t get commission out of this service so we don’t need to charge an arm and a leg as an extra add-on. With all our clients, we keep our terms very flexible so you are not bound to choose our insurers if you don’t want to (although vast majority do).

As a Contractor or Freelancer taking out an Insurance policy at the onset of starting your business is a must. This will provide you with protection and ensure that you are covered for every eventuality.

Kingsbridge insurance for contractors

By working with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, our team of expert Accountants will ensure that you receive the exact Insurance protection that you and your business need.


Why do we work with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance?

Kingsbridge Insurance Contractors know that it is not always plain sailing and are here to protect you. That is why they offer cover for over 1000 professions across various industries and their package are specifically designed for Contractors and Freelancers.

They like to keep things simple. This means that they provide you with one package, with full cover and no hidden extras.

What Benefits do Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance offer?

  • A price promise
  • The best value cover for the lowest price possible
  • Online quote in a few minutes
  • Buy online quickly and easily
  • Receive instant access to your documents
  • Cover for previous work included at no extra cost
  • Flexible payment options
  • Insurance that acts as a key IR35 indicator

What Types of Insurance do Kingsbridge provide?

Kingsbridge offer five Insurance Policies in one package which are perfectly suited for Contractors and Freelancers.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This type of Insurance is fundamental if you offer professional advice or services. It protects you in the event that claims are made against you by a client and covers legal costs and any damages that become payable. You are covered for £1 million for any one claim. (add link)

Public Liability Insurance

In the event that a client or member of the public is injured or their property is damaged due to you, the freelancer or contractor or your business then this type of Insurance will protect you if. It will cover legal costs and expenses and any damages brought against you. Note that £5 million, at the least, is the public liability cover that is normally stipulated by most clients and agencies.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If any of your employees are injured or become ill whilst working for you then you will be covered for any claims they may make against you or your business. Note that although you may not have any employees working for you, it is a legal requirement for some contractors and will ensure fulfillment of the law. That is why most agencies and clients will require such cover. (add link)

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

If you run your contract or freelance business through a limited company or if you are self-employed then you would have to take out Directors and Officers Liability cover. If you become liable by being held personally held responsible by someone, you will be covered for legal costs and al your financial assets will be protected. Your business will be covered in various situations for £100,000 for any one claim.

Personal Accident Insurance

This type of Insurance policy would allow you to claim a weekly amount if you were unable to work or you had an accident at work. In addition, if you are left with a disability or it causes your death then a lump sum would be paid out.


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