Pearl recommends Vend as stock management software for our customers



When it comes to stock management software, it doesn’t get much more professional than Vend. The Vend stock management software comes with a range of features which cover a wide range of business fields and disciplines, equipping you with the tools and systems necessary to expand your business and oversee its growth in a sustainable manner. Pearl recommends Vend as stock management software for our customers, and we can easily integrate the Vend with our own accountancy software, providing us with an overarching view of your business’s operations and accounts.



Cloud-based storage

You never have to worry about a hard drive failure or natural disaster – Vend stores all of your data in the cloud, meaning that your data is safely stored off-site. You can easily access your business’s information via an iPad, Mac, or PC.

Front office and back office functionality

Vend’s stock management software solution combines POS applications and powerful back-office administration tools, enabling retailers of various sizes to oversee their operations and conduct business effectively.


Low investment costs

Vend is one of the most affordable stock management software solutions out there. Unlike many of its SaaS competitors, Vend comes with low upfront investment costs and no cancellation fees, so trying Vend out comes with no commitment and no risks attached.

Continuous updates

The Vend system updates itself regularly, meaning that your system will always be up to date and highly-powered, remaining competitive and efficient.

Vend integrated payments

Vend’s integrated payment system allows you to process credit card and debit card transactions via payment providers who can be integrated with the Vend system. This allows you to manage your stock and make payment adjustments in real time.


Offline usage

You may not always have an internet connection available to you, and Vend understands this completely. If you need to make sales while offline, you can continue to do so; the system will integrate this information once an internet connection is reestablished.

Multiple ways to sell

Sell goods on your premises with Vend on a Mac or PC. Sell goods over the internet via Vend e-commerce, or by integrating Vend with your current e-commerce system. Vend allows you to have full control over your business and sell goods in multiple manners.

Stock management

As you may expect from stock management software, Vend allows you to manage and oversee your products seamlessly and effectively, giving you a 360-degree view of everything that is going on in your company.

Accountancy software integration

The Vend stock management software can be fluently integrated with accountancy/bookkeeping SaaS products, such as QuickBooks and ClearBooks. This allows accountants (such as ourselves) to have an overarching view of your company, understanding how your books work in greater detail.

Vend software on all platforms

Vend is undoubtedly one of the best stock management software solutions out there, and the fact that Pearl Accountants’ dedicated specialists can integrate it into your systems and our systems alike makes the whole product even more powerful and convenient. Looking for business advisory accountants in London who can oversee your stock/books and advise you on how to grow your business? Get in touch with Pearl Accountants today!

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