By Ashley Preen

April 16, 2018

How to find the right accountant

Finding an accountant is easy. Am I right?

Yes, I am right. Finding any old accountant is easy. Go on Google, search ‘accountant’ and voila!

But finding the RIGHT accountant is a mission if I am 100% honest with you.

With so many accountants to choose from how can you actually make sure that you find the RIGHT one??

Here are some points to consider when choosing the right accountant for you:

Does the accountant specialize in your sector?

Obviously the right accountant for you will need to have experience in your sector, whether you are a small business, a contractor, a landlord, or are from other sectors.

Decide if the service you want is actually available!

Accountants have all sorts of services, depending on what you, as a client, need.

There is no point selecting an accountant that will not be able to provide you the service you need. Some services may include:

Does the accounting firm have the right qualifications?

Anyone can just sit at home, make a spreadsheet on your accountants and claim they are an accountant. But are they truly qualified and know how to accurately make the accounts and properly carry out the tasks?

Chartered accountants will have FCA or ACA after their name, meaning they are professional in the field of accountancy.

Does the accountant give good customer service?

There is no point dealing with an accountant who will just make you day miserable whenever you talk to them.

An accountant with good customer service will make your day flow better, and best of all… won’t give you any headache!

It is best to have an accountant who will always make time when you want to be able to speak to them, and will ensure you receive the best experience possible.

You can find out customer experiences by looking at the accounting company’s reviews and testimonials.

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